Sep 30

Mr. Puggle® Models Fall Ear Syles

What look will your puggle be sporting this season?
Sep 29


Because my Mommy is a competitor, we have decided to set up a competition to get more donations for the Light the Night walk. Here what you get if you donate:

If you donate any thing at all,(any amount helps!) you will receive an e-mail from me thank you & asking for a topic for a blog post. The topic for the blog post can be about ANYTHING you want. Just know that this is a family friendly blog, so if you give me a inappropriate topic I will make it family friendly if I can, if I can't you will be asked to make a new one.

Please, please donate if you can & know that your donation if not only going to help find a cure for cancer but also that you can have some fun with my competition!
So come on what do you say? At least spread the word! Let's fight cancer & leukemia together!
Go here to donate! Thank you so much!
Sep 28

Almost Here…

Light the Night Walk is almost here & Mommy, Daddy & I are getting more excited by the day! Mommy is taking me on long power walks in the afternoons to get me prepared & I think I'm ready! There is still time for anyone who would like to, to sponsor us. Please go here & sponsor us if you can!
Thank you all for your help!
Sep 28

Do you know the Muffin Man?

Do you know the Muffin Man?
Well if you don't allow me to introduce MYSELF!
Mommy has lost it....see this stuff........
This is called PET HEAD. It is a waterless dog shampoo for in between baths. So not only do I take weekly baths, now I have to take baths in between baths! GEEZ!

And the BLUEBERRY MUFFIN! Hence why I am the Muffin Man! Why must I smell like a breakfast item Mommy?!

Luckily for me, it is a very quick "procedure." Just a few quick sprays, a wipe down with a towel, and I am ready to be served with morning coffee ! BOL!

Oh boy, here she comes with that stuff again.....

Sep 28

Random Pictures

We arrived.....

Human Granny getting me ready to walk....Waiting to go.....

The path was clearly marked....

Go, go, go.....

We are coming around the bend.....

All done. Now for a swim....
Sep 28

Mr. Puggle Movie Monday: I wish I had some Lainey treats.

Mr. Puggle sits at the table and dreams of eating Lainey treats. Find out if his wish comes true. Make your Lainey treat wish come true here.
Sep 27

Bull Creek Dog Park

The weather has finally gotten cooler, enough for me to go to the Dog Park. Daddy insisted on taking me out because he felt sorry that I've been cooped up all Summer due to the heat. So my surprise, I was taken to a famous dog park here in Austin....Bull Creek!

I was HORRIFIED! It is a dog park with lots of water. For those of you who knows me...I hate the water!
Needless to say, Mama and Daddy both got in the creek and left me on the bank of the creek to fend for myself. Being that I'm a Mama's girl, I had to follow her where ever she in the water I went....eeeekkkk!
There were a lot of other puppies having a GREAT, not so much. At one point, I found refuge on a rock sitting higher above the water and refused to get off. Mama finally came and got me and made me tread water.Daddy was great at encouraging me along.

Then I finally SWAM when I got to the deep end. Too bad Daddy forgot to charge to battery for the camera because Mama was not able to capture me in swimming action.

Both Mama and Daddy were super proud of me because I ended up having a GREAT time at Bull Creek. I finally conquered my fear and can officially now say that I can SWIM! I was so extremely tired afterwards when we got home, but Mama still insited on giving a shower. Overall, I had a GREAT time!

Sep 27

Hiking Welch & Dickey Mountains

Preston went hiking in White Mountain National Forest in New Hampshire. Mommy and Daddy picked Welch-Dickey Loop for this hike.
The hike starts out with an easy trail in the woods.
Then, it gets a bit more strenuous. Preston needed a little lift from Daddy sometimes.
The view at the summit is breathtaking.
Mommy and Daddy like this trail a lot. Welch-Dickey loop is not long (4.4 miles, 3.5 hour hike) but challenging enough to get a feeling of accomplisment. There are several open ledges providing spectacular panoramic views along the way. It is a great family hike. Preston has become such a good hiker. He led the way but always made sure Mommy follows closely.

Sep 26

‘Mutt Mosey’ Fund Raiser sponsored by Young@Heart pet rescue Adventure #25


What a Great Adventure I had today....♥
Human Granny and human Papa and I went to the Fund Raiser for 'Mutt Mosey' out in Palatine IL USA. Walk to raise money. We started out early and drove a long way. It was great for me because I got to have my head out the window as we drove their. Snicker! Snicker! After we got to the place we had to sign in and human Granny got a T-shirt. We had to wait for some of the other dogs and humans and then we were off. Walking to raise money for a 'Senior Dog Shelter'. Lots of Great dogs of all ages we met and some Great humans too. I made out like a bandit with all the treats in my bag and a new bandanna. A Barking Great time was had by all! What a caring group! They love older homeless pets. You can still give to the cause by clicking on the 'firstgiving' meter under my ads on the right side of this page. Thanks and Please give a little. Human Granny will post more pictures later. My little paws are a little tired so human Granny is putting me to bed early, catch you later pups and humans and everyone else.
Licks and Wags, Ariel ♥
Thanks to Puggle Preston's Parents for the donation you are the Best! ♥

Sep 25

Dexter Pug’s Mommy & Daddy Breakup: Houseman v. Dare, FM, 08-667-07

Half a pug each the judge said. Click pic to read about the $40,000, 3yr court case about the pet pug. "I just can't wait to have him in my hands on Friday," said Houseman, who said she hasn't seen Dexter in two years, seven months, and three weeks.
Puggle Training Tip I discovered today: If your naughty puggle is barking too much...say, "Do you want to take a shower?" He will stop barking and hide in his kennel.