Aug 31

Last Doggy Pool Party of Summer 2009 Adventure #21

This past Saturday (8/29/09) was the last Doggy Pool Party of Summer 2009. It was a Great Adventure! It was a little cool out so I did not do too much swimming. Human Granny did not want to get too wet cuz she might get sick and she has to take care of me. As you can see my ears were flapping in the cool breeze. Chicago is the Windy City and the wind was blowing hard this day. Lots of doggies but no Puggles. Their was a professional photographer at this party and she took some great pics. Their is a few of me. Love them! Thanks to Tim, Josie, Diva and Mr. Big and of course Pet Care Plus for the fun summer. A Barking Great time was had by all. Human Granny was a little under the weather this weekend so she is posting this later. Catch you later pups and humans and everyone else.
Licks & Wags, Ariel ♥

Aug 31

camping, yard sale, ect

I went camping for the first time! Well I went for the day hah.
Mom said I could have some watermelon but when everyone started giving me theirs she cut me off. So no I didn't get to eat all of that.
Here mommy me and my cousins Charlene and Graceann are on a golf cart ride. I was so scared because they are CRAZY drivers.

Mommy and aunt Jenn wore those obnoxious sunglasses all day at our yard sale.

The first day of out yard sale it was super hot so they put water in this tub for me. Trust me when I say that I did not like it as much as these pictures portray. But they were throwing treats in for me to get out.

For those of you that have been looking for my kong, forget it, mom got me a new one! Well its not kong but its similar. She even let me chew it on her bed!!
Here is a video of me chasing the little red light! That thing makes me go crazy!!
I am going to try and be on more now that at least aunt Jenn is getting the internet. Until then pups, I will ttyl.
Aug 31

Thank you Tedy!

Today our favorite New England Patriots player announced that he was retiring! I find it only proper that I announce this here, seeing I am actually named after this man!

Here he is, Tedy Bruschi, #54.
Tedy gave us many wonderful years as a star Patriot and we wish him well in his retirement years! And thank you for such a cool name! BOL!
Aug 31

Mr. Puggle Movie Monday

I am officially a crazy dog lady. I talk to my dog. You will learn more about the game "Find It" in future posts. Do you talk to your puggle?
Aug 30

Let’s Go Red Sox!

Boston Red Sox might be in trouble this season. It seems like they might need a little extra cheer to boost their spirits!
Move over Wally the Green Monster, here comes Preston the Puggle!

Aug 30

We Moved!

The humans have been too busy to help me keep up with my blog lately. We have moved since my last post. My Uncle Gary has bought a house and we've moved further away from the city.
Mama now lives 15 minutes further away than before. I'm sad that it will take her longer to come visit me! She did make sure that I had all my goodies packed up for the move.
It's lazy days until the Summer heat is over!

Aug 30

No Subject

No subject. These are just some random photos from the last couple of weeks:

Boomer LOVES water! I'm going to bet Mom and Dad 10 bullysticks that he will be a toilet drinker when he gets bigger... Gross... He even tastes his own pee now after he goes outside- that is weird!!!

See that nice camo leash Mom ordered for Boomer before he arrived at My house?? It's gone! He chewed it right in half when Mom thought he was enjoying one of his first bullysticks!! You'd think Mom would stop giving him bullysticks because of this and save them all for me because I am such a good dog who never chews things she is not supposed to.

This is Me. Mom is taking my photo with her new iPhone.

Me again, because this is my blog.. In this photo Mom just interupted my nap...

And another photo of Boomer. He looks like an angel...but he's really not.

Hope you are all having a great weekend!!

XOXO Peanut
Aug 29

just a few more adorable portraits of me…

Aug 29

Puggle Twibe! Join!

So…I am THE founder of the Puggle Twibe! It’s a group of puggles and puggle enthusiasts in the twitterverse. My goal is to get EVERY puggle and puggle-lover out there in the twibe! I just figured out that as the founder, I can ADD people! I now have 34! If you or someone you know is on twitter and loves puggles–please tell them to join the twibe!

Click here to join the puggle twibe!

Aug 29

Grillin’ season has FINALLY begun!

So…mom and dad have this PAWESOME grill! We used it a lot last summer and ran out of propane :( Mom and dad FINALLY ran out to Menards to replace the tank. Oh my goodness! Yummo! They made pork last Saturday night and it was faboosh! I even got some! They made steak and shrimp last Monday and gourmet hot dogs (<–yummy, but TERRIBLE name!) last night. They let me eat some of the shrimp tails–*crunch crunch!*

Pictures coming soon!