Jul 31

Since it is Saturday, Mr. Puggle can Stray from Puggle Stuffs

It is the sweetest thing ever! Make sure you listen to the music! Have a great week end!
Jul 31

What’s The Judge Khyra? Who won?

Well I've gotten the news back from the very esteem Judge Khyra. Here's what she had to say about the competitors:
Suzuki - so well placed - such precision!
Clover - I was afraid Khlover was going to swallow the bone!
Abby - I thought I was looking at myself...that kharried over into the Final Judging!
Ailsa - the hekhk with the paws - I wanted the bone PLEASE!
Ariel - Khwite well pointed
BoBo - another almost me flashbakhk - well pawed!
Coco The Princess - the look AND the paw placement!
Cody - I feel soooo not worthy of judging the khompetition - another excellent efFURt by Khody Ella - khwite the degree of diffikhulty fur this one
Jack -I hope he got what he was pointing at!
Joyce - Oh those golden fluffy puppy paws made my mom go all skhweeeeie
Lady Godiva - I was afraid the ball might hurt her - but she seemed to have it under her khontrol
Truffle - if only I had more spots fur the final final
Sasha - another demure yet 'deville' pawsition - well done
Peewee - I think his pads were still watersoaked from swimming
Mango - Yes he khan khan, yes he khan khan - such finesse from somepup sooooo RH
George - so so khlose

Runner up:(for the first time we have a TIE!)
Coco The Princess and Sasha


Congrats! Remember to vote for your favorite. Once the readers choice winner is voted on. YOU the blogger, will look at the winning names(& photos) and pick a winner & runner up for my contest!(poll up soon.) Have a great weekend everybody!
Jul 31

Meet The Competitors!

Here are your competitors, vote for your favorite!
Jul 30

If Mr. Puggle Lived in Night Vision Land

Jul 30

Bella tears into the treats!

Jul 30

Bella first discovers Lainey’s Treats!

Jul 29

A Couch Potato! Adventure #17

Yes I guess it is official I am turning into a Couch Potato. Human Granny had the air on today and I get cold. Sometimes I get cold easy. So I just jumped up on the couch by human Granny and got my blanket and covered myself up with it. But I always leave my head out a little to see the TV. Yes I think this is turning into a Great Adventure everyday. At least until human Granny goes back to work. Couch Potato Ariel, it does have a ring to it. I always loved the love seat but I'm starting to like the couch better. More room for me and human Granny to relax. The Animal Planet channel is Great but I like the Court TV shows and human Granny always is watching the Food Network. I love that show because then it moves her to cook. Bark! Bark! Well off to watch the late news and then to bed. Catch you later pups if you don't catch me first.
Licks & Wags, Ariel ♥
Jul 29

Calling on the Puggle Posse

I want to start featuring some of our awesome Puggle Posse members and their blogs.
If you want to participate...
you must be a posse member, then send me your very bestest picture and a brief write up about yourself to mrpuggle@jalfred.com. I will be lookin' for you!
Jul 28

Mr. Puggle 2009-07-28 22:01:00

Jul 28

We traded our furniture for boxes.

I don't know what the humans are thinking but all of our furniture is gone!!! We have all been sleeping on the floor for a few days already and I am OVER it. Mom says we are moving in with my grandpa and that is fine but what I want to know is WHEN? We are moving because our roomie Suzy is student teaching in the fall so mommy thought it would be a good time to move and save some money. I am going to miss Suzy sooOOo much. :(