May 31

Puggle meetup

Preston went to a special puggle meetup today.
Animal Planet’s DOG101 is going to feature “Puggles” in their upcoming season. The camera crew was filming today’s puggle meetup in Boston. There were at least 40 puggles showing up for a fun day and the possibility of being on TV.
Luckily, Mommy put Preston’s “Cool-it” bandana on him; otherwise, he could have been easily lost in the crowd. Preston was not shy about getting attention. He was the only puggle that “spoke” to the camera.
It was such a fun day for Preston (Mommy and Daddy too!).

May 31

Scary movie

Turtle says scary movies are any movies with elephants, horses, or cows. This weekend we watched Band of Brothers which, if you haven't seen it, is a WWII film with LOTS of horses - oh my!

Turtle never wants to miss out on movie nights with his family, so we put a sweatshirt over his head for the horsey bits.

May 31

Peanut Butter Face

Mama figured that I needed something to blog about...being that we have been doing a bad job in keeping my blog updated, so today, she helped me capture my "Peanut Butter Face." The first order of business is to get my bone all buttered up....Then I had to wait very patiently for the "okay" command so I could get all gooeyed up. Once the licking got started, it was yummy yummy for my tummy! Mama especially loved it seeing my tongue go all over the place....The whole ordeal was captured all on video...enjoy!

What do you mean its all gone? More Peanut Butter please!!!
CoCo Puff
May 28

Have you seen my kong ball?

For over a month now my kong ball has been missing. I have been looking high and low for it with no luck. Mommy keeps telling me that I hid it from myself but I am positive that it is lost in the freezer. If you have seen my kong ball please let me know.

To try and get me out of my depression mommy gave me watermelon yesterday and today!

OH! and I've gotten a few awards that I never posted or thanked anyone for.
Bijou gave me this award:Thanks Bijou!

Lainey gave me this award:
Post it to the blog and link to who gave it to you
List seven things you love
1. Walks.
2. My kong ball even though it is lost.
3. Carrots, watermelon, and green beans.
4. Ice cubes.
5. Sticking my head out of the car window while it is in motion.
6. sleeping under the covers.
7. Licking peoples faces.
Thanks Lainey!
May 25

Not funny, mom

May 25

Memorial Day

Duke's Memorial Day Story

BBQ at Fiancé's parent's house, of course Duke came and alll he wanted to do was play ball!

"Daddy, can we play some ball?"

He's fast when he wants to be. It wasn't that hot outside when we started to play.

Duke can change direction in the snap of a finger, but is not very good at stopping on a dime.

"Got it!"

This just isn't doing it for him. After he gets so heated up he climbs into the water dish and "bobs" for the tennis ball (can you see the drool of water hitting the bowl?).

"Are you sure this is safe?" (notice the life vest)

He was a strong swimmer! Fiance held on for the first go with swimming.

Duke swims all by himself! He looks like he is smiling in the picture, but it turns out he really doesn't like the water, at least when he is completely submerged.

This is the method he uses to dry himself. He throws himself at whatever absorbent surface he can find... head first and rolls around.

Happy Memorial Day!
May 24

tricky dinner.

I have been pretty busy lately. We have been going on long long walks each and every day. These walks are tying up my entire day because after our walks I'm just so tired I sleep the rest of the day. Today we only walked around the apt complex so I got to play with my tricky treat ball. They think they are fooling me but I know they don't put treats in it they just put my dinner instead. Oh well its a fun challenge to get it all out.

I hope everyone is enjoying the nice summer weather.
May 23

Good Communication

Preston knows how to communicate with Mommy and Daddy. That’s why he always gets what he wants.

When hungry…

When nature calls…

(As much as Mommy and Daddy wish, the dog on the cover is not Preston.)
FYI:Poochie Bells

When it is time for his walk…

When he wants some cereal…

May 21

Rain Rain Go Away!

Well, this is how I look every single day after I come in from my very brief walks! It has been pouring buckets here in the "sunshine" state since Sunday! I wear my raincoat outside but it's just so stormy that I am still drenched. Mommy says I make this towel look good! BOL!
May 19

Patches, the Destroyer

A little known fact about Patches. He's nuts. When mama takes me out to go potty *alone* he loses his marbles and nothing in the house is safe from his craziness. This time he took his frustration out on the CD tower.

Hey look! It's in two pieces now!

Mama should know better than to keep such an item by the backdoor - especially since this is not the first time this has happened. She should also join the rest of the universe and just invest in an iPod since CD's are sooooooooooo 1990. (BTW - don't look to closely at her teeny-bopper taste in music. How many CD's does Britney Spears and N*Sync have anyway?! Good doG!)

Luckily, he took his jail term like a real man. No appeals to delay the process. He was awarded time for good behavior - but don't worry...I roughed him up when he was released.

Maybe this time he learned his lesson.