Apr 30


This year, on April 30th, my Daddy is having a big Lunar Burfday! For those of you who are not familiar with the Lunar Calendar, cycles of the Lunar horoscope rotates every twelve years. Needless to say, it is Daddy's year of the Ox. Daddy had told Mama that this year for his birthday, we were going help "jump start" the economy and help with the recession. His birthday present was going to be "HUGE!"............

What Mama and I were not expecting was that he was going to go through an early "mid-life crisis" and wanted a Motorcycle.Mama said no to the crotch-rocket! So instead, he found himself another toy....a car! This is the car Daddy is getting!
So now, we have a new ride. I test drove it first and I approved. It is suppose to be pretty spiffy. Hopefully I will get to ride in it often!
Happy Burfday Daddy!!!
CoCo Puff

Apr 28

Belated Birthday Wishes to the Mysterhead.

April 25th is Duke's birthday. We missed blogging it because we were driving out to Rochester, New York to visit my brother and such. So here is his birthday wishes, my baby is a year old already! We've even started mixing adult dog food with his puppy food.

Duke and I in the car.

Duke attempting to sleep on the back seat!

Happy Birthday Buddy!

Apr 27

Instructions for new bed use

As you can see Petey and I are getting along much better. My mommy says its because he has resigned himself to the fact that I'm here to stay. He doesn't make any waves anymore regardless of what I do. In fact he is protective of me when the big dogs come over to play. Life has been really good except for this HOT weather. My mommy loves it but its too hot for Petey and me. We can only stay
Apr 26

Book worm

Turtle had a very relaxing weekend.

He finally found time to catch up on all his reading.

Apr 26

Summertime already??

It has been so nice here the last few days. It feels like July...and it's only April! I know weather like this can't last long but I love, love, love it! 

Sitting with my Nanny in the sunshine. One of my favorite things!

Laying in the dirt to cool off
Rolling in the dirt...dirt acts like a sunscreen...I think...

Mmm, the sun feels good...

Hope you had a sunny weekend too! XOXO Peanut
Apr 25

I love paddle boats!

This is my best kid friend Ashley. Mommy, Ashley, Suzanne, and I went to Gallup Park in Ann Arbor and rented a paddle boat! This was the best group picture we could get even though mommy and I am cut out. Paddle boats are the strangest things. It is a bench that floats and it works just like a bike! It was neat and a bit crowded and with 3 people and a dog it left little room for me to move around. I was glad that they included me though! I saw one other dog out in a canoe!
In the beginning I sat in the middle away from the water. It was a bit scary because it would rock and there were no edges!!
But I got used to it and sat up front with the wind in my ears. I heard them talking about getting me a life jacket so more fun water days are in my future! This swan was following us and at first we thought it was beautiful and exciting but then it got really close and mommy said it was getting mean looking so we tried to get away from it. It was a beautiful day and the park was gorgeous!
There was a playground so Ashley and I went down the slide, it was the perfect day.
Apr 24

Unflattering… Medical question though

I apologize for the ever-so-flattering photos of Duke...

Duke played outside all day today. I just gave him a bath and noticed these red marks. There are between 5 and 6 of them and they are about the size of a nickel, maybe a quarter. All of them are around his genital area. The two prominent ones are real easy to see in the photo. It looks like a pin prick in the middle, a ring of skin color, then a big ring of red.

Anyone know what this is?
EDIT NOTE: Saturday we checked the spots and they were less red and smaller. Sunday we checked the spots and all that was left was the red spot that was in the middle. We figured after playing in the backyard at Fiancé's parent's house, because it is Spring a small swamp has kind of developed. So, that being said, I believe it was a minor reaction to black fly bites.
It would make sense figuring the black flies would only be able to bite him in the fleshy parts were there is no fur (near his genitals). He was playing in a swamp. When we get bit by them our skin turns red too and there is a part in the middle where the black flies have to bite on!
Apr 23

Busy Nut

Hello Buddies;

I know I have been MIA for a while. I have been one busy girl and have not been getting much quality computer time. Between obedience classes, agility classes, and my Nanny visiting, the days pretty much fly by. Oh yeah, and Mom had her wisdom teeth out last week so I had to hang out with her too and make sure she was okay. She's pretty much recovered now. Me, Nanny and Dad are good nurses.

Thank you for continuing to visit me. I am have been checking in on you guys although you may not be aware. I will try to start saying more hellos again soon. Below are some pictures taken over the last few weeks in case you have been missing my Pea-nutty face...

I got Squeaker balls for Easter from the Bunny... so much fun!

I'm trying to watch t.v. man...put the camera away...please.

Lazing around
Relaxing with Mom.

Hope you all have a great weekend! XOXO Peanut
Apr 21

TWO packages for ME!

Oh Boy! Yesterday the mailman delivered not one, but TWO packages addressed to Bruschi the Puggle!! Sniff sniff, what are they?!

The First one is a yellow envelope from Miss Kylie! Mommy had to help me because I just kept running off with the whole envelope BOL

Oh boy, 2 chew bones, a STUFFIE bone, and a bag of MissKylie's fluff! BOL
(Bruschi's mom here....Bruschi was sniffing that hair like crazy! Eyes bulging out of his head and all! I think he likes her lol)

The second box was my PRIZE for the contest I just won! Yippeee!! Davey the Puggle hosted the contest, and the prize was from Lainey's Pawtique!

What is all this pink stuff!? Get it off of me Mommy! BOL! But wait, look at all the homemade cookies!! MMMM Which shall I try first?

Ok fine, I'll pose with the pink stuff, but only if I can try some chocolate cake!!

And I'll even stand up for more! Yum Yum!

Thanks for my pressies friends!! I feel so special today! I think this cheered Mommy up a bit too!

Apr 20

Air CoCo!!!

My newest trick is jumping through hoops. Soon I will be joining the circus. Daddy assisted me in doing my new awesome trick. I was lured through the hoop with a real beef, shank bone.As you can see, I caught some good air time!My parents are literally having me jump through hoops for a treat!
Please do not laugh too hard at my funny face! I will soon wear a binky red nose, a clown suit with shoes too big for my feet and a flower on my lapel that squirts water in your face. Ringling Brothers, here comes CoCo Puff!Hugs,
CoCo Puff