Mar 31

Ditched, again

Turtle was not very happy about having to stay in San Francisco while we went out to Colorado for some skiing. When we got home he pretended like he had a horrible time just so he could get some extra attention and treats.

This is a video of Turtle having a "horrible time."

Mar 30

Something’s on my Puggle mind

Happy Monday to All my Doggie Friends!
Lately something has been on my little puggle mind and Mommy isn't sure what it is! I lay in front of the pantry door, flat on the tile and totally sprawled out and let out a whimper every few minutes. I am trying to tell Mommy I want something out of there, but everything she gives me does not seem to be what I want! We tried a dental bone, a "Preston Treat" (those are the yummy green treats Preston gave me for Christmas!), even a new stuffie named Goose! (see picture above) But never fail, back to the kitchen floor I went!

Then yesterday, Mommy found me in the guest room, lying just like this! I like the guest room bed because it's low enough that I can jump on all by myself, unlike Mommy's bed which is much too high for a little puggle like myself! Of course when I hear Mommy say, "Ok Bruschi, time for bed!" I dash out of the guest room and into MY (mommy's) room and wait to be lifted onto the big bed!
I think I am just saddened to hear of Miss Kylie's new love affair with Ludo the Sheltie. I mean, he is handsome and all, but I am a puggle and we are the cutest dogs on the planet!! BOL!
What does Ludo have that I don't?

Mar 29

Fisheye and bubbles? I’m a puggle not a fish.

Mar 28

All About Us

We are two of the best dogs in the world. My name is Snuggle and I have to do this blogging because my big brother Petey is very mad right now. I came to live here last week and he is so jealous. If any of you know what my mom & dad can do to make it all better please tell us! I want to PLAY with him SO BAD! My mom is so sad because it hurts her to see her Petey unhappy. She gives him lots of
Mar 28

My New Home

Hello! I'm new here to this blogging stuff so help me if I do it wrong. OK? My name is Snuggle and in these pictures I am 10 weeks old. I'm bigger now 'cause I am 11 weeks old! Really I am. My human mom still thinks I'm a baby but thats because I have only been living with her and my human daddy one week. They think I am so little and so sweet and they are RIGHT ! I am looking forward to lots of
Mar 27

Follow the leader….nah I’ll just follow my nose.

Today the weather was PERFECT so we went for a walk.
It was great. I ate rabbit and goose poop and now the day is complete.
Mar 24

learning to skateboard…

my daddy decided it was time I learned how to skateboard.
I think I might just get it...

feeling good...

we're moving now...

whew...I don't know about this!?
I think I may just go back to riding in my little red wagon!!!
Mar 23

Happy Spring!

I hope you have all been enjoying the first days of Spring. I sure have. I am loving the warmer weather and the longer days. Yeah for long walks and trips to the park! 
XOXO Peanut
Mar 22

Sundays with Charlie

Turtle started volunteering with PAWS San Francisco last weekend. PAWS (Pets are Wonderful Support) helps disabled, elderly and low income pet owners take care of their animals.

Every Sunday we pickup our new buddy Charlie (or "Chuck" as we like to call him) for some fresh air and exercise. His owner isn't able to walk him anymore, so he loves his time with Turtle. Since Charlie doesn't get out much, he's a little out of shape, but Coach Turtle encourages him to make it up the steep SF hills.
Mar 21

St. Patty’s Day 2009 Adventure #4

What a St. Patty's Day 2009 Adventure it was......
Well today human Granny was very busy. First we went out for a long walk cuz it was really nice out here in Chicago. I was going to go for a ride but human Granny figured out that she did not have her debit card to go and get corn beef and cabbage. So I had to get in my dogie car seat and all buckled up and then she figured out that she did not have it. So it was back out and into the house till human Papa got home from work. Then they drove all over looking for a piece of corned beef to cook it was very late. They got home from leaving me a long time and all I got was this head band. Well Happy St. Patty's Day All!
Licks, Ariel ♥