Jan 31

Long Lost Twin!

Last Sunday morning, as I was minding my own business, I suddenly heard a hysterical laugh come out of Uncle Gary. He quickly asked my Daddy to come over to take a look at something. Then Daddy started laughing hysterically as well. Together, they were looking at this ad in the Sunday paper:Then I heard,"Oh my God...that is CoCo!" I don't think that looks like me!!! My teeth are not that bad, and I do not have a rough coat! I do have a severe under-bite, and my snaggle do show up in pictures sometimes. Here is a side-by-side comparison: If I would have known that they were looking for a cute dog with the perfect smile, I would have submitted a few pics to have kibbles for life!You cannot say that I wouldn't give this pup a good run for his money!
What do you all think? Do we look alike?

I was also tagged by Bruschi the Puggle to play a game. "You pick one, just ONE, buddy from your list and you give them a letter. They must then list and describe 5 things beginning with that letter." Bruschi choose the letter "C" for me!

1. Carat, Cut, Color, and Clarity (Mama said that every girl should know the importance of these four C's). Diamonds are a Girl's best friend!

2. Chicken- full of flavor, nutrients and I LOVE Chicken!

3. Carrots- a healthy snack that is tasty and full of texture!

4. Cookies- doggy cookies, human cookies, just plain cookies...I like cookies!

5. Coffee- my Daddy and Mama both drink a lot of it. Uncle Gary roast the beans fresh in our kitchen so I get to smell it every day. I know that I'm not suppose to have any coffee because of some rubbish that said it is bad for dogs, but I've stolen sips of Daddy's coffee on many different mornings. I like my coffee with cream and sugar!

Now I have to pick a friend to play this game with me! Okay, I think I am going to tag Peanut the Puggle with the letter "P." Have fun!

Jan 31

New Collar

Hey Friends!

Just a quick post here to show off my brand new, big boy collar.


See, it’s blue cause i’m a boy.


Thats all for now, guys… mommy won’t let me on the computer for very long because she’s “studying.”

Licks & Love,


Jan 28

Happy Belated Birthday!

Happy Belated Birthday to my Cousin Lou who turned 12 years old on Monday, January 26th!!
Look at his pawsome new coat!!...Just like my rain coat...It's green too!! We're twins!!!!
Mmmmm cake!!! 

We love you Lou! 

XOXO Peanut
Jan 28

My Favorite Spot and the Bone

Hello Furry Friends;
If you follow my blog, you have seen other pictures similar to the one of me below. This is my favorite spot in the whole entire house...(next to the Big Bed)- it's my pillow right next to the vent. The vent has been really pumping out heat lately. I just can't get enough heat, especially with the cold temperatures we've been having lately. Because of the cold temperatures, my walks have been shorter than normal some days which is sort of sad. On the up side though, I'm getting to play some fun games indoors, like lazer chase and with my Tricky Treat Ball and Mini Leos (I now have two Leos so that they can be stuck together and that makes it is a bit more challenging to get the treats out).

On Saturday (another really cold day!), Mom and Dad went to the market and brought me back this to keep me entertained for a little while...
A fantastic BONE from one of the local markets! Unfortunately the bone experience was short lived. Mom and Dad were careful not to let me chew too long on the bone so as not to cause an upset tummy. Regrettably, early Saturday morning Mom and Dad woke up to two separate upset tummy incidents which I will not go into detail about...No more bone for me. I spent the next two and a half days getting my digestive system back in order. Thanks to some yummy pumpkin I am feeling much better! 

XOXO Peanut
Jan 28

Baby, it’s coooold outside!

Winter weather advisory:  stay warm, blog friends!  It’s really cold outside.  There’s lots of snow & ice on the ground, and as fun as it is to play in, it can make for one chilly puggle!


Snow is yummy, mommy!

Snow is yummy, mommy!

So, what’s the solution to this wintery weather?

Two words:  electric. blanket.  


Snuggling in the warmth.

Snuggling in the warmth.

I’ve pretty much just been sleeping and eating lately, no interesting news to report, so i’ll just post some pictures of mommy’s latest photoshoots.


Blogging is tiring!

Blogging is tiring!


Surprise, daddy!

Surprise, daddy!


We're men, this is what we DO!

We're men, this is what we DO!

Love & Licks to all of you, sorry this entry is so short.


… and remember, STAY WARM!


Riley the Puggle

Jan 27

Dad is away so the Pup can play

So fiance is away for a few days at a work conference so it's just the Dukemister and myself. He threw a temper tantrum when he left too and misbehaved for the rest of the afternoon. I had to give him a butt whoopin' before we went to bed because he was just being a brat.

It seemed to do the trick because he was all cuddly with me this morning. I think he hates being cooped in the apartment and gets upset when his dad doesn't come home at night. It's been super cold outside here (20's and low 30's) so it's hard to take him for a walk because the concrete sidewalks hurt his feet when it's cold. I took him over to the future in-laws so he could run around and play in their backyard (it's all grass and a lot softer on his feet even if it is cold).

We've taken away most of his toys because he destroys them. He managed to sneak and grab a toy we were giving to my future sister-in-law's baby. Not anymore after Duke got a hold of it!

When you roll it along the floor it makes noises and he barks at it. It's pretty funny to watch. Or it was until all he wanted to do was chew it's head off. Maybe I'll try again tomorrow.

The only other news since fiance left is Duke has had horrible horrible gas. Stinky, room clearing, nastiness. Oh boy Duke. I wish there was something we could do about that.
Jan 26



That is Happy New Year in Chinese. To celebrate this day, Mama put Red Bows on me. Red is a festive and significant color to the Chinese culture! This year is the year of the OX, which is also my Daddy's sign. People who are born under the sign of the Ox are: dependable, calm, modest and stable. According to Chinese astrology, the Ox is the best friend you could choose. I agree to that one since Daddy and Uncle Phillip both have the sign of the Ox and are truly my best friends. On Chinese New Year, elders give young ones Red Envelopes filled with money. Mama gave me a Red Envelope too! I cannot do anything with money, so Mama, will you please help me open this and trade it in for bones or treats?
Happy Chinese New Year!
CoCo Puff
Jan 26

Turtle’s weekend in Napa

To celebrate being done with school applications we went up to Napa for the weekend. Turtle was lucky he got to come along because he had actually made it harder for us work and send in our apps.

When we got to the room Turtle was pleased to see they were expecting him.

But he decided the other bed was more to his liking...

It's a good thing he had a such a cushy bed, because he needed to rest up for his big day of hiking through the vineyards.

And he even got to try out the agility equipment at the dog park.

He was so tired he missed all the pretty scenery on the way back to San Francisco.

Jan 23

Men at work

Turtle had an extra special visit to the office today, because he got to play with his pal Max.

The best part was going outside to play in the rain!

Jan 22

S-H-E-D Less…

Part of my New Year's Resolution was to shed less of my hair all over the house. Mama bought me this vitamin that taste like liver treats to help me accomplish the task. I have been taking it since the beginning of the year, and it has helped...a little. The bottle said that I would have to try a whole bottle before seeing results....I will keep you all posted!


CoCo Puff