Nov 25

Holiday Card Pics – a sneak preview

Last night was the worst night of my entire life. At least we got treats. Here is a sneak preview of what may or may not make it into our Holiday Cards this year! (There were literally hundreds of blurry photos to choose from.)

Nov 23

My New Stomping Grounds!

Well it has been a while since I have updated this blog so I guess it's well past time I got in gear and gave you some of the news on what happened to me this past summer. Earlier this year my folks decided it was time to buy something called a house and move out of our apartment. The apartment was the only home I ever knew since I was just a pup. I came home to our apartment when I was just eight weeks old and I didn't know what it would be like to live somewhere else. After they knew where the house was and knew we were moving (I was glad to hear Ruby and I were going too!) all they could talk about was how much Ruby and I was going to love the new house (but they've been wrong before, they said I would love having a little sister, OK, I like her a little bit I guess so they were not technically "wrong" but close enough for country music!). The also kept mentioning something called a back yard. Well, for any of you that don't know what a back yard is, let me tell you that you are certainly missing out! Here's some pictures of me and Ruby enjoying the new house, especially the back yard!

Lot's of grass, and trees, and a bench and there's a shed out there that Pop uses for the lawn stuff.
I think that's the same picture only further away. The yard is fenced in so I get to run around where ever I want but part of the fence has spaces in it that are wide enough that Ruby could slip through so she either has to go out on a leash or get tied to the run. Whenever I get tired of being bothered by her I just go where she can't go. She doesn't mind being outside tied up by herself either, but if Ma and Pop goes back into the house I like to come back in with them.

I smell something! I think Ruby does too! It's like having our very own little park. Pop even plays fetch with me. I like the tennis ball but Ruby chases anything, even sticks, and then she chews them, she's silly like that. She has also decided that she likes to take her new rawhide chews outside to let them "age". I guess to get tenderized by the weather. One of them got tenderized real good when Pop ran it over with the lawn mower! It made a really loud noise but now it's the Rubester's favorite piece of rawhide! Go fig!

I think this squirrel that trespassed into my backyard might be what we were sniffing in the other picture. We named him "Secret Squirrel" because wherever he goes when we are outside must be a secret.

Or maybe we were smelling the "Wasciwy Wabbit" that Ruby has gotten very close to catching. She did catch a smaller rabbit and a bird. Ma was kinda upset when she found them lying in the backyard. Ruby's a hunter though, that's what she does. I guess I'm more of a lover cause I don't go after them like she does.

Nov 21

Turtle’s nemesis

Turtle is home recovering after his neuter surgery. He wouldn't let me post a picture of him, because he didn't want his fans to see him "in such a state." But he said I could post a picture of his nemesis as a warning to all other dogs: When you see the cone come out - run!
Nov 19

Thanks grandma!

Check out Turtle's new jacket - pretty sharp!

Nov 19


Hi guys...
Lots has happened this month so instead of ranting on Mummy has decided to just post pics with captions-

Enjoy my Oct/Nov pics

Franklin Puggle xx

I passed my puppy foundation class and was rewarded with a certificate and rosette..

I indulged in my very first ham shank as a treat for being such a clever boy!

It was soooo yummy and has hit my #1 in 'favourite treats'!!

Its getting cold here in Blackpool now so I sometimes have to wear my new clothes when I go out- I love my roll neck jumper!!


Here I am having fun off my lead on the beach...

We took a trip to Ingleton waterfalls one day- it was a long walk- 5 miles and took us over 4hours coz we stopped with our dinner but it was a lovely day...

This next picture is unfortunately the last picture of me with my man bits- I have since had my castration and although I was very sore I was a very brave boy and have since made a full recovery!!

After the hour journey home I had to take a bath coz i was stinking- Here I am playing with my bath toys!!

Here I am on Mummy's bed on the evening following my operation- I felt very sorry for myself but was a big brave boy!!

Will post some more updates soon- take care guys -

Nov 17

Get in my belly!

Most people like it when my mama bakes things for them...but I have to tell you, for us pups, it's torture. Sparky had the right idea when he not-so-secretly sampled her wares some time ago - but it's been a super long time since Mama slipped and left something tasty within our reach. Until yesterday, that is!

See all those banana breads? I can totally jump up onto that table and make her start all over if I felt like it! I didn't because I'm pretty sure that Mama would've fashioned my hide into a handbag, and I have way more living to do. However, I did steal one when Sparky and Pandie went outside to go potty. I had exactly 3 minutes to steal the loaf, unwrap it and hide the evidence.

Unfortunately, I didn't find a very good hiding place for the yucky wrapper.

I was sent to jail, where I did the time for doing the crime. I didn't even pretend to be regretful as I licked the crumbs off my lips for about 20 minutes as my mom kept asking "Why Patches, why?"

Oh! My tummy!

If I wasn't a boy, pups and humans alike might think that I was in the "family way!" My tummy was huge and moved on it's own! I took it easy the rest of the day - partly because I couldn't move very well. I can't wait to see if my poo smells like bananas.

Nov 15

Road Trip!

Hello World, Riley the Puggle here.  I’m sorry it has been so long since I’ve written.  Mommy has been lazy and hasn’t bought any batteries for her camera.  And, like I always say, what’s the point of a blogpost without cute puppy pictures?  Anyways, it has been an exciting week!  Mommy & Daddy got engaged, which seems to mean that mommy just has a new toy I’m not allowed to play with on her finger.  So, to celebrate, we went down to see my Grandmas, which means I got to play with my kinda cousins!


Hanging out in the car.

Hanging out in the car.

I hadn’t been down to see my parents families since I was really little.  I was so excited to show my cousins how much I had grown, especially the little yorkie, Harley.  Last time we met we were both about 8 pounds, but now, haha, I had doubled in size and he was still the same!  I got to really show him who was boss.  The other dog, Ernie and his brother Bert were still really really big.  I keep trying, but I think it’ll take me a really long time to get that big.  


Me, Harley, and Ernie.

Me, Harley, and Ernie.

Well, in other doggy news, I just wanted to say a big hello to all my new friends!!  It’s been soooo much fun reading other dogblogs and meeting you guys!  I will try to make mommy keep up with her camera batteries better, I promise.


Riley the Puggle

Nov 07

Vote in our Poll!

My mama needs some help with Girl Puppy's name. We have three choices to the left for you to pick from. My personal favorite is Flower...she's black and white, like Flower the skunk in Bambi - plus her farts can clear a room.

Chiquita means "little girl" in Spanish.

Pandemonium (or Pandie for short) is a fab name for her, because she is so full of energy AND she looks like a panda bear in the face. (Edited to add: my mama has been trying this name out, and the puppy actually comes when she calls her...)

We just can't decide!
Nov 05

Aunty Camilla & Max’s High Five

Nov 03

MAIL! (and digging!)




Today was a great day!  

I got to play with my roommate/BFF Mocha, and we dug an awesome hole in the backyard.  I think Mommy wanted to be mad, but she couldn’t be because we were just too darn cute digging it!

In other BIG NEWS, I got my very first piece of mail EVER today!  It was even addressed to me, Riley the Puggle!  I was so excited.  My friend Kylie sent me a special Halloween present.


Me, Mommy, and my MAIL!

Me, Mommy, and my MAIL!

… and guess what was inside the package?  TREATS!  I was very, very excited.  I even tried to open the package while Mommy was taking a picture!  It was so hard to wait!



Thanks so much, Kylie!

Licks & Kisses to all of you out there reading my blog!

Riley the Puggle