Oct 31

I love my daddy!


Me & Daddy

Me & Daddy

Reasons My Dad is the Coolest:

[1] He wakes up to take me out in the middle of the night when I can’t hold it.

[2] He calls me cool nicknames like “Riles” and “The Riley Monster.”

[3] He crumples up treats in my food bowl.

[4] He keeps my side of the bed warm so I can curl up to mom when he leaves in the mornings.

[5] He always wants to take me on car rides.


Anyhoo, I just wanted to say how much fun I am having meeting new dogs and reading about your adventures.  Thank you all for visiting my blog.

Lots of Licks,

Riley The Puggle

Oct 26

Exciting news!

So it turns out i'm going to be a big brother! I am so excited and a little confused. When mom and dad told me I assumed that we'd all go together to pick him or her out from a litter like they did with me. But instead they are growing this one inside mom's tummy. I really don't understand why. The other weird thing is that we have to wait until next May to bring him or her home. They tell me i'm going to be a big brother, get my hopes up, and then tell me I have to wait 7 months. Humbug. Anyway the new little one is already taking after me. It started it's own blog. You can check it out at www.zimmerbaby.com. Enjoy!
Oct 26

Fancy new collar

Hello, sorry it's been a while since i've posted. I have been a busy puppy. For mom's birthday her BF's got her a really cool present. The really cool part is that it's for me! I got a fancy schmancy new collar. I had mom take a few pictures of me wearing it. Isn't the bone tag cute!?! I am a stud.

Thank you Carrie and Katie! You are the best!
Oct 09

We’re baaaaaack!

Lots of things have changed since our last post - over a whole month ago. (Can somedog please lick the egg of my incredibly handsome and slightly wrinkled face? Thanks!) My mama and pop have broken up just shy of 8 years together, and Patches and I are now living in another city with our mama. Of course we have been giving my mama lots of loving, in between barking at new sights and sounds!

We also found out that we are only .7 miles from the river! So - our walk has included sightseeing (and leaf peeping) along the waterfront.

I contemplated jumping into the water, but decided to sit and stay as told...the water is looking pretty cold, and I just had a bath.

Oct 08

My new puggle pal Tia…

Sorry it has been sooooo long again- Mummy has broken her phone which was how she posted the pics of me so no phone = no updates...!

This week she has got another phone to use and just had to let you all know about my latest adventure...

I have met another puggle...!

Last week mummy took me to meet Tia the Puggle.. It was planned as Mummy got in touch with Tia's mum and they arranged aplay date for us!!
I have never had so much fun!! We hit it off from the start and I spend the whole time following Tia around and chasing her!
I even followed her into the water and had a little swim!!

Mummy couldnt believe how alike we were- although Tia is more pug like physically our stance and personalities are identical by the stories I heard being exchanged!!

I am meeting Tia again this week and I really cant wait- wew gonna make it a regular thing and next time we will hopefully have some better photos!!

Here we are for the time being though!!