Aug 31

I’m Back!

Wow, so much has happened in the past few months! The next couple of posts should bring you up to date with what has been going on in my world.

In April Ma and Pa brought home a little sister for me. She is all Beagle (poor thing doesn't have the distinction of being a designer doggie like me!) and her name is Ruby! Ruby is 7 months old now and I have been busy trying to teach her how to be a great dog like me. When she first came home she peed like every 10 minutes, and lets not talk about how much she could poop! But finally Ma and Pa think she is pretty well housebroke. She has learned not to make my cheeks bleed when playing bitey face and she has gotten pretty good at playing tug o war , I let her win sometimes when she was smaller but now she can win for real sometimes. I taught her not to bite Frodos ears, but I can't seem to keep her from eating his poop! Maybe she'll outgrow it like I did.

Aug 28

Run dog, run

Part beagle, part cavalier king charles spaniel, part race horse? Funny thing is, he's not even breaking a sweat...he could run like that all day. I get tired just looking at this picture.
Aug 24

Happy Birthday to Me!

Today is my First Birthday! I think my dad is making a peanut butter carrot cake for me (thanks Preston!). I also smell some new toys! Hopefully they take pictures of my special day.
Aug 20

Max calls this his “Blue Steel”

A lot of my friends have been inquiring about how i got Max to look THIS sexy! I told them "Oh My Dog! Photo" was responsible for this photo and all credit goes to them. If you're interested in getting your pooch to look this posh? Contact them here. They are the sweetest team ever and they are located in Encinitas (North San Diego).
Aug 13

I’ve found the fountain of youth!

My mama came home with a new toy for me a couple of days ago - and since then I've turned into a completely crazy 4 month old puppy again!

This toy is grrrrrrrreat! It's called "Jolly Ball" and it's a soft plastic ball inside a tough outer ball, and it drives me absolutely NUTTY. Sometimes I stick my nose inside one of the holes and tongue kiss the inner ball, and sometimes I sit and bark at the whole toy until I go horse. This toy is evil and loveable all at the same time.

I even look more like a puppy! And, I didn't have to buy a jar of $1,000 face cream or go under a knife, or swim in some germy pool of water in a far off country.
Patches doesn't understand my love for this new toy, and that is A-OK with me - because it means I don't have to share. He does a perfect job of staying out of my way when I am rolling it around the house. Besides, he's still a crazy puppy and doesn't need that fountain of youth yet.
Aug 12

Cats are weird

Wooster: "What is this?"
Plato: "A guitar, why?"

Wooster: "Hmmmm"
Plato: "What are you doing?"

Wooster: "I think i'll eat these strings."
Plato: "Cats are so weird"
Aug 12

Happy Birthday Dad!

For Dad's birthday Grandma Janet, Grandpa Guy and Aunt Rachael came to town for the weekend. It was a surprise for Daddy and I had a really hard time keeping the secret. Luckily I managed and he had no idea. Here they are after the big surprise. I wish I could have been there. :(
Grandpa Guy and I enjoying a quick snooze.
One of my favorite things to do is wake up Aunt Rachael in the morning with lots of licks. Who needs an alarm when you've got me!
For Dad's birthday Mom made a vegan light saber chocolate birthday cake. I heard it was good but they wouldn't let me have any. Apparently chocolate isn't good for's not fair.
So big it wouldn't fit in one frame!
Aug 11

Check out this puggle video we saw recently…

I may have to make something to compete with this!

Thanks Eduardo for posting this!
Aug 10

Max loves ice

Aug 10

Dog Beach – Huntington Beach – August 3, 2008

On the way to the Dog Beach!

Other dogs checking me out!

Look at all the dogs and people!

Me on the way home - pooped!

Mom having to go get me because I was getting kinda far from them!

Really wet and running fast!

Me with dad on the beach.

Boy did I like the sand, it was everywhere!

This was my first trip to a Beach - Dog Beach in Huntington Beach. I met my friends Roxy & Ginger and their parents Kelley and Shawn there. I had a good time and met three other puggles and played with them for a little while (see video). I saw sooo many other dogs and people! I liked the sand and all the people and dogs, but I didn't care for the water/ocean too much! My dad took me in with him and held me while the water CRASHED on me! He even let me go and I had to swim for dear life about 5 feet until the safety of the beach! Maybe next time I'll try it again and get used to it! Here is a video and some pictures from the day!