Jul 28

New Bed!!!

Sorry I haven't blogged in a week or so, my dad's been in San Diego for the past few days - I sure did miss him! But, I did get to spend more time with mom, we are bonding more these days!

Well, I got a present from my Grandma & Grandpa Ross - a brand new bed to lay in. I still sleep in my crate at night. This is for the living room, I don't really get it though, I like to sit on the couch with my parents?!?! But, I do like it and do hang out in it once a while. I'm still getting used to it!
Jul 28

Not to worry – – we’re simply relaxing

Sparky and I are both pretty upset that our mama has been spending so much time at work, because that means that she is not playing with us. We're terribly afraid that our friends at the dog park are going to forget us (or find new friends to play with)! Even worse, when she is home all she wants to do is nap. Lucky for her, I am an expert cuddler.

Really. How can you resist this mug?

No one can...it's impossible. See? That's my mama's thumb going in for a stroke on my nose. (I love my nose stroked, and so does Sparky...I also like kisses on my nose - right between my eyeballs, actually.) My pink parts are just as pink as my mama's nail! Cool!

Now you come here and let me return the favor. I didn't step in any poo today, so my paws are safe. Besides, I saw you pick that M&M up off the floor and eat it. On a side note - now everyone can see why I was named Patches...

Jul 26

Me and my cousin Oke…

Today was such an exciting day for me-I met my cousin Oke for the first time, and not only that... I was allowed off my lead to have a run and play with him.

Oke is a beautiful German Shepherd and lives with Uncle Tony, Auntie Kerry and my human cousins Callum & Kaya.
Here he is...

This was the the first time I was allowed off my lead so Mummy was a little nervous but took some lovely ham for me so she knew I wouldnt go very far- Here she is bribing me to sit with some delicious hammy ham ham!

Even though Oke is a huge giant compared to little old me I wasn't afraid at all..

Here we are posing for our picture ... CHEESE!

I had such a fantastic time running and chasing Oke although I think I started to annoy him a little coz I just couldnt leave his side!!

What a great day-I love my big cousin and hope we go out together again soon!
Jul 26

Guy’s court visit

Thankfully Mummy Rach has managed to get the photos from Guy's Court on the computer- with a bit of help from uncle Tony!

I loved my walk by the canal and couldnt help myself from shouting at the ducks- they were teasing me as they knew I didnt have the bottle to get in the water and catch them!!

There were lots of boats at the canal with some very interesting names-I didnt realise I had my own barge but here I am with what seems to be my very own!!

Jul 25

My new pics…

Hi all.. Ive had such a great week, not only have I been on the beach for the 1st time (and 2nd) but I had my first proper play with another dog called Summer. She was a Lab X Collie and Mummy Rach took lots of great photos.

Unfortunately she has gone and got the memory card (with these pics on) STUCK in the computer and so I cant show you all but hopefully Grandad is gonna sort it so watch this space!!

Ive also been to 'Guys court' where there is a pub and canal to walk down, past all the boats and lots of other dogs and ducks!
While we were there a kind man called Peter offered to take some pictures of me, he said I had an 'irresistable face' and snapped away, thought I should share a couple of them with you just so you can all see how big i'm getting!!

Thanks again to Peter for sending us all the photos he took!!

Jul 20

Hiking through Santiago Canyon with the boys

John is preparing for his big week-long backpacking trip through the Western Sierras, so we've been going on some short local hikes where John packs about 40 lbs into his backpack. We took these photos on his new iPhone.

Jul 18

Fourth of July 2008

We went to San Clemente for the 4th of July! It was one of my first public outings (other than the dog park and family members) and first time near the beach! We stayed with my parents goods friends, the McCoy family (Jim, Kasey, Ava, Cade, Diggs, and Dashes). Diggs and Dashes really didn't like me staying at their house and barked at me and even bit my legs a little! I was fine, I just minded my own business and still had fun. I also got to meet one of my dad's oldest and best friends - Heather Mann. She was nice to me , and so was her boyfriend Louis. We ate breakfast near the pier in San Clemente. I was very well behaved and made my parents happy and I think they'll take me with them more now!!!
Jul 18

My First Night Home and More

I remember my first night in my new home, I was kinda scared, so my dad sleep with me on the floor and then I felt safe and slept the night away. After a couple nights, I started sleeping in my crate (which I still do every night, but I do have a bigger crate now). I've been in Murrieta for about ten months now. My parents seem to work a lot and leave me at home most of the day. I stay in my crate in the guest bathroom and when they come home they let me out to stretch my legs! They also take me to the dog park in Menifee - I REALLY LOVE THE DOG PARK!!! I meet many new dogs every time, we run, play and the best is when they chase me around! Recently, I just graduated from my first dog class - I learned these commands/actions - sit, down, off, heel, come, take it, leave it, and shake. I still need to practice stay and drop it! I do hear the word wrong and since I don't like that word always, I tell my parents want I think about it! That's an introduction to me, my family, and my life. I'll have to catch you up on things from the past year on this blog ove the next couple weeks - I have pictures and videos that my parents take of me, too! I hope you enjoys reading about me and continue to follow it as long as I keep this thing up...
Jul 17

It’s my birthday today!

Happy 1st birthday to me!

Mommy and Daddy got me lots of presents. And Daddy bought me a cake!

Me and my cake

Me and my presents

The candle scared me! This was the closest I'd get to it.

Me and my daddy. Look at my new harness and collar!

Yummmm cake!
Jul 13

Photo shoot

Yesterday I was taken for a photo shoot...
It took me a while to relax because all the toys the photographer had seemed to scare me and I wouldn't settle! Fortunately he had some treats to distract me and this did the trick- How cute am I??!?!