Jun 20

Good News!

The doc called in and said the removed growth was benign! YEA!
The growth was identified as a Histiocytoma.
For more info on this type of abnormal growth, click here.

Max is excited to hear the news! (phew)
Jun 19

Birthday Party!

Guess who is turning 1 year old tomorrow?

My baby brother Patches!

Don't tell him though, because my mama is planning a little surprise for him with some frosty paws treats and pressies. Because I am the big brother, I will show him how to properly eat a frosty paws...it's hard to believe that Patches has never had one.
My mama is a little sad that her "baby" is no more.

It's so hard to believe that Patchy has gone from this sickly and sleepy pup of 4 pounds..

to this handsome and muscular stud muffin...

Where did the time go?
Jun 16

Max’s Battle Wounds

Max had a growth on his neck that we noticed on our Pismo Beach trip. It was small then, but we made a vet appt nonetheless so they could check it out. They said it seemed harmless and to monitor it. It tripled in size over 2 weeks so we scheduled his neutering to be half a month earlier so we could remove that foreign mass at the same time. We are getting a biopsy of it and should receive the results in a week or so.

We brought him home the day after the surgery. He spent the night at the vet so they could monitor him closely. He seemed in such high spirits. The e-collar doesn't really bother him which i was surprised at. He slept most of the day when we brought him home.

Jun 13

Max is 5 Months Old!

My boy is growing up. He's getting his balls chopped off tomorrow. Oh gosh, i'm a mean mommy, aren't i? He's getting neutered... and will have a cone on his head for 10 days. All you dog owners know the drill....i'll let you know how it goes. Other than that, he's been doing great. No accidents in the house, he's still ringing his poochie-bells to go potty, he graduated from his 3 (yes, 3) puppy pre-school classes*, and he's growing bigger by the day!

*If you live in the OC area, I would recommend only 1 puppy-school, and that's with Sue Myles. Petsmart was the first class i registered for because i didn't know any better. Since I paid for it, i continued with it...it was another way Max could get out and be socialized, but i didn't take their techniques home with me (just a personal preference, plus the Petsmart instructor was so rigid and didn't have a warm personality). Sue's class on the other hand was genius! She is so funny and her force-free training worked really well with Max...plus there were so many great people & puppies in the class, it made it that much more fun.

Our goofy polaroid pic of grad day at Petsmart:

Max standing proudly next to his poochie-bells:
Jun 10

To Swim or Not to Swim

We decided to go swimming one day.  I did not want to go.  I do not like the water.  Please don't make me go.
Please oh please oh please don't drop me in the cold blue pond.
Where's the wall? Where's the wall?
Dad, please take me to the wall.  I want to get out, NOW.

Burr, very cold, very cold.
As you can see, I was not a big fan of the pool.  I am a very good swimmer but I do not like the pool.  I wouldn't even take a beggin strip I was so freaked out.  Hopefully i'll never have to do that again. 
Jun 10

Dog n Jog

Last weekend was my first Dog N Jog.  It was lots of fun meeting hundreds of dogs and visiting all the booths.  This is me and my mom and dad.Me visiting mom while she worked the Spin and Win booth.
These are all the people and dogs who participated in the one mile walk.
Walkin dogs
Dad and me walkin!

Post walk portrait.  Girlfriend lips!

Jun 09

Summer Photo Session

These pictures were taken this weekend at my grandma's house. Afterwards, we went for a walk to the park, and ate ice cream at the riverbank. It may be 95 degrees, but we are two cooooooooool pups!

Jun 07

A Message from a Political Puggle

Zoe the Puggle says McCain in '08!

P.S. Please don't be offended by this post.

Jun 06

The great outdoors!

Today I was allowed to have a wander into the garden!

I spent some time in the patio but I wouldn't stop trying to eat all the stones so I was then taken to the grass...

I absolutely loved running around in the grass- it was soooo much fun and all the new smells were making my nose go crazy!!

After about 15 mins I was taken back into the house because I couln't stop eating the grass and mummy didn't want me to have an upset tummy!

Jun 03

Invasion of the White Puff Balls

Two little white fluff balls came to stay at our house for a week.  They smelled like dogs but were covered in all this fuzzy white stuff.  I was very confused.  It was very difficult to get this shot but we managed to get all of the animals on the sofa and looking at the camera, almost.  This is Lil Beau (Little Boy) and I wrestling.  He is six months old and fiesty! We pretty much spent the whole week wresting.  The nice thing about that fuzz, it is easy to grab with the teeth.
Oooo don't I look vicious!  Don't mess with me puffy! Grrr
Time out for a breather.
This is me trying to kiss Jolie, Lil Beau's mother.  She didn't want much to do with me.
In fact most of the time Jolie spent like this, hiding on the sofa.  I think she was trying to stay out of the fray.
Wooster too spent most of the time watching from a safe distance.
Now i'm all for humping, but give me a break.  This little guy wouldn't leave me alone.  
Even while I was getting a drink of water.
And while I was trying to take care of business with Jolie.  
It was fun to have playmates around for a week but i'm glad to have my house back to myself again.