May 31

My first hoodie!

This morning I woke up, had a drink, had my breakfast and..... got dressed!!!

May 30


As I'm still only 8 weeks old I'm spending alot of my time sleeping. Apparently I have been choosing some very strange positions to do this in... Unfortunately these have been caught on camera- Thanks mummy!!

Can you believe I'm actually asleep here?!

And here...!

I also do 'CUTE' extremely well!

Im wearing my new collar on this one- Nanny has bought it me today along with a matching lead I love it- Thanks nanny!

May 30


Remember pups - - the key to a good workout is a good stretch, so pratice your doga!

Tether ball. Who knew that game could be played so marvelously by a pair of puppies? My pop held the ball and swung it around at our level, and Patches and I batted it back and forth. As you can see, we really got into it. Patches started with the trash talk right away, but my mama put the kabosh on that real fast! (He's been testing his boundaries lately.)

While I consider myself a great team player, I have to admit that I can be fairly clumsy. My puggle legs are short and I often trip over myself in the heat of a match. Patches on the other hand, is a total jock. He'd be first string on the varsity team, while I would be a bench warmer on JV. He's also fearless, and doesn't mind being stomped on when hangin' with his team.

Check out his awesome b'ball skilz!

Going in for the steal...Mission accomplished!

Moments after this photo was taken, Patches was ejected from the game because he received his 5th foul. While in the locker room, he got his nails trimmed.

May 26

Trip to Pismo Beach for Memorial Day Weekend

First and foremost, Max had an accident-free weekend on the road with us. It was such a nice getaway and the hotel we stayed at was so pet-friendly. On this trip, he picked up fetch a lot better (thx to john's training), we learned that Max walks much easier on the leash when he has a stick (pacifier) in his mouth, and we realized that we have the greatest dog on earth. Our trip was so much fun!

Max felt at home in the hotel room:

Hiking at Lake Oso Flaco near Oceano Dunes:

Visiting local vineyards:

Pathway to the beach from the hotel:

Max tastes the sand:
May 26

My new PLAY PEN!

Today I was left in my new play pen for the first time!
I had spent a few days wandering in and out of it while getting used to it and was quite happy playing with my toys in there, and chewing the side - as long as the door was open!

Then something very scary happened... Mummy locked the door of the play pen and disappeared out of sight...At first mummy was really upset leaving me as she said she could hear me crying like a baby from the kitchen but after a while I settled down and was pleased with having Mr.Man and chicken for company!
When she got back I was fast asleep...

May 25

Night at the Drive-In

Patches and I took my humans to the drive-in last night! It was fantastic. We saw two movies: Indiana Jones and Iron Man. Now, I am an expert at behaving at the drive-in, but this was definitely a test for Patchy. This was his very first drive-in movie! My mama was a little worried because Patches barks at anything that moves - and sometimes he barks and howls just to hear his own voice. Crazy Beaglier.

He was actually really good! I think it was because we were hangin' out in mama's new car! (She got the Honda Fit Sport, in Tidewater Blue. The front seats lay flat, so we all snuggled in the back like one big happy family.)

Do we really have to wait until it's dark for the movie to start?

I was really inspired by Iron Man and his ability to fly. Then, I realized that I also know how to defy gravity as well! Look, I'm going so fast that my tail is uncurling! If I had Patches' helicopter ears I probably could've soared even higher...maybe even to the moon.

May 25

My first sleepover!

Last night I had my very first sleep over at my nannys house..

Mummy packed my bags and off I went... Woo Hoo- I was very excited!

I got lots of attention and loved playing with nanny and grandad- they are great fun!

This is me with nanny!

Nanny had set my mummy's old room up for me with my bed and all my toys (and my toilet area of course!) However I decided to spend most of the night on a very comfy quilt that just so happened to be in the bedroom also, - here I am playing on it!

May 22

Franklin & Marshall Puggle 2008-05-22 22:30:00

Today I left my mummy, brothers and sisters to start my new life in Blackpool. I had to endure a very very long drive back to Blackpool from Wales, where I was born and spent the first 7 1/2 weeks of my life.

Here I am with my brothers- (Im the far left)

I was very nervous at first in the car as i'd never been in one before but after about 10 minutes I was absolutley fine- I'm a brave little Puggle you know...
We stopped off at the services for some food and drink-
Here I am having my dinner in the car ---- yum yum!!

I spent the journey sleeping for most the time and enjoying cuddles off everyone! I arrived home in Blackpool just after tea and was introduced to my new catty brother Mister. He is very big compared to me but I think were going to get on great- or at least I hope so!!

I have now settled into my house really well and love all of my toys, especially tug toy!
Here I am sleeping with all of my toys.

May 22

Poor Mr. Yellow Star

He came into my life about a month ago. At first it was a very distant relationship. I did not play with him very much. I did notice he had a squeaker that eventually would have to dealt with but I decided to bide my time and just see what would happen. I slept with him a couple of times. That was okay, he was certainly no leopard print ball that we won't talk about what happened to either at this time. Then just today, I don't know what happened. I was just lying there and he looked at me funny. I mean he had major attitude. I could have elected to act like I didn't notice it but then what kind of message would that have been sending? So I showed him just who was boss. No longer will he lie there taunting me. He has gone on to plushie toy heaven. He is literally just a shell of his former self. There have been times when I denied that it was me that caused the carnage, but not this time. I stood there, okay lied there in all my glory and allowed Ma and Pa to see what i had been up to. The proud hunter had returned from the forest and he had slain the yellow fuzzy star.
May 20

Puggle Party

One nice spring day I decided to go to the puppy park.  I've been several times before.  But this day would turn out to be very different.  I was just minding my own business humping a little fluffy dog when all of the sudden I turned around, and I thought I was looking in the mirror.  There was a dog that looked just like me.  It took me a few seconds of sniffing and looking and some more sniffing to realize that I was looking at another Puggle.  Just like me!I've been to the puppy park many times and have never met another Puggle.  She and I had a blast running and sniffing and jumping.  We were so excited to meet each other!
In case you can't tell i'm the one on the right.  She was a bit lighter than me.  We ran and ran until we were both worn out. 
And it was time to go home.
But wait...What is this dog?  It looks like a Puggle, but with black fur!  Another Puggle!!! Two in one day.
And then another!  That's Three in one day!  Four if you count me!
What I treat I couldn't believe it.   
These two Puggles were from the same home.  They were a little older than me.  And not quite as handsome. (I'm in the middle of the Puggle sandwich)
Clearly we were all interested in the same thing. (I'm in the middle again)
What a fun Puggle filled day I had a the puppy park.  I hope to see my new friends again soon.