Nov 24

Go Oliver Go!

“Dumb dog.” - Jake the Cat

Nov 23

Playing in the snow!

Nov 23

My first time in the snow!

I love the snow!

Love, Zoe

Nov 16

Playing with Cousin Cinder

Nov 16

Hi everyone!

Grandma told me to update so here goes.

Mommy's camera is broken so pictures aren't going to be as frequent.
Cousin Cinder and I have matching sweaters.

I took a nap in an unsafe position.

One of my new t-shirt. This one says "Let it Snow!" and the day after I wore it for the first time, it snowed!!

Daddy and I fell asleep last night watching tv.

Love, Zoe

Nov 15

On getting “tutored.”

Far Side Cartoon “Tutored”

Oliver is 6 months old. We were advised to get him neutered at 6 months. So yesterday, poor little Oliver was off to the vet. He spent last night crying and a bit shaky. He seems better today. I think he might even make it to puppy school on Saturday. Oliver’s cat brother Jake had to get his teeth cleaned yesterday. Jake had to have a tooth extracted.

Nov 12

It’s been awhile…

We’ve spent the last few weeks battling a terrible flu-like sickness that would not go away. Oliver carried on in the usual chaotic way, he is relentless.

 Oliver gettin’ some baby love.
Desperately seeking attention, Oliver managed to soak up baby love.

Nov 08

I’ve been busy

Wow. I haven't updated in a week. I've been really busy.

Saturday I went for another hike with mommy and daddy. We went to Penisula and hiked a trail by an old part of the Ohio-Erie canal and stone quarries.

On Monday, Mommy went to a work meeting and forgot to lock the cage (She insists I opened it!). I came running up to her when she got home. I had one little accident and I ate daddy's band posters. Oops!

Monday in puppy class we learned laydown, leave it, take it, and more about walking on a leash! After class, mommy bought be two new toys because I'm so spoiled. She got me a new weenie dog. He's a skeleton. We call him skeleweenie. Then I got a polar bear to go with my walrus.

I've been wearing my green sweater because its been so cold.

Love, Zoe.

Nov 01

I can sit!

Mommy just learned to upload these. Its dark because she has a bad camera and its kind of hard to hear, but here it is.

Nov 01

Puppy class and new toys!

So I learned to sit in puppy class on Monday night. I'm great at it. We finally found treats that I will eat.

Mommy also got me a new toy after class on Monday. Its a walrus.

Then yesterday we got a package from the doggy catalog. A new green sweater for me and another new toy. Frankenstein! I think there was some Christmas presents in there for me too.

Me and my best buddy Bruno the Rottie at puppy class.

My favorite part of Frankenstein is his cape.

Love, Zoe