Oct 30

Sunday Football

On Sundays in the fall my folks really like to watch football. Their favorite team is the Philadelphia Eagles.Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketUnfortunately, this year they aren't doing very well. Keep hearing Dad mumble first the Phillies and now the Eagles are tearing his heart out?!?! I don't think you can live without a heart can you? But I don't care who wins or loses, all I know is that there are always great snacks around when they are watching the game. And lots of tug-o-war and ball throwing! I love to play rough, and I get plenty of snacks and play on football Sundays! The only drawback is that I have to learn to pace myself because by half-time, I am exhausted and snoring on the sofaPhoto Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket so I never know who wins! But I guess that's not a bad thing after all!
Oct 29

My 1st hike!

So I went for my first hike yesterday. We went to the Metroparks in Munroe Falls. It was a 2.2 mile hike through the woods. I loved it. I got to eat sticks and play in the leaves and play with other doggies. Mommy almost didn't make it though. She's pretty out of shape. I want to go again next weekend!

Here I am trying to jump into the yucky lake.

I tried to take this stick with me. It was about 3 times my size. I only pulled on my leash when I was trying to follow people in front of us.
The family.
Mommy and me by the yucky lake.
Daddy and me.
This was about halfway through. Mommy needed a break.
Some lady took this picture for us, but she is a bad picture taker.

I had my 2nd puppy class today. Mommy will post pictures tomorrow.

Love, Zoe

Oct 27

Puppy madness…

Oliver the puggle says bye-bye!

Oliver the Puggle says bye-bye to the kids every morning. He wants to go too, but he pooped 3 times (in one 15 minute time span) in the back of the Tahoe last week. Bad dog!!! Chaos ensued.

Oliver watches the potty flush.

No way!

Oct 25

Fun with my aunties and cousin!

Last night, mommy and daddy took me to grandma's house. I got to play with my aunties and cousin. It was so much fun! I even got to stay there without mommy and daddy for a while.
I picked on Auntie Belle though and she tried to bite me. I got to sleep on the couch with her and Aunt Patti.

I love chasing cousin Cinder, but she cheats and jumps on the couch and I'm too little to jump on it.
Auntie Bailey and I took a nap on the big bed.

Then mommy and daddy took me to Petsmart and got me a fall sweater that I get to wear on thanksgiving!
Auntie Bailey shared her big bed with me. Look at my brand new harness.

Cousin Cinder is such a cheater. I can't reach her on the couch.

This is right before Auntie Belle tried to bite me.

Me in my new sweater. Even daddy likes it (I think because its green and that's his favorite color).
Me and daddy playing.

This is daddy's favorite toy.

Love, Zoe

Oct 24

Halloween Party

The Halloween party last night was fun. Unforunately, I didn't win the costume contest. The winner's contest was weird! I had so much fun playing with all of the other dogs especially my new best friend Bailey the puggle from puppy school.

I got my picture taken and I stood all by myself for it without mommy and daddy. Then we bought the Howl-O-Ween frame too bad the picture is too dark.

Then at the end of the party, Mommy's coworker showed up with my first puppy friend Lily. Bailey and I tried to play with her, but she didn't want to play.

Daddy and me. My antennas kept falling down.
Me and Bailey. The lil pig and the bumblebee We wouldn't pose for the camera.Our favorite dog was a French bulldog dressed as a devil.

Love, Zoe
Oct 23

I started puppy school!

Last night I started puppy school at Petsmart. There was even another puggle in the class named Bailey. Her mommy and my mommy know each other from Puggle Nation.

My favorite puppy in the class was a Rotteweiler named Bruno. He was 3 times my size, but so cool! I can't wait until next Monday!

Tonight I'm going back to Petsmart for a Halloween party. That means I get to wear my costume. I hope I win a prize!

Here are some recent pictures.

I'm so cute when nap.

My mommy is so silly.

I'm so spoiled. Look at all my toys.

Love, Zoe

Oct 22


Oh dear… What’s going on in this picture Oliver?

Funny puggle!

Look at my friend Toby!!! He’s even funnier…

Funny Toby!

Oct 18

Oliver’s Big Two Day Plan

Day 1

  • Chase cat around
  • Cat will knock over plant trying to get away 
  • Mom will move the couch in order to clean up the big mess

Day 2

  • Use the newly relocated couch to get on top of the kitchen counter to obtain doggy treats

(Mom will be too frazzled to photograph this sequence of events)

Oct 18

Puggle Print

A Puggle Print! By Colorado artist Melissa Langer.

Melissa Langer - Puggle Print


Oct 17


Last night mommy, daddy, and me spent the night at Grandma and Grandpa's because they were out of town. I had so much fun playing with Auntie Bailey and Auntie Belle. And chasing cousin Cinder around.

Auntie Bailey and Auntie Belle are 100+ pound Old English Sheepdogs/Bernese Mountain dogs. Cousin Cinder is a black lab/cocker spaniel mix. She didn't like me at first, but I'm growing on her. I chase her everywhere and we love running under grandma and grandpa's bed.

On Sunday night I got to play with them too and Uncle Toby! Grandma gave me a new toy that I loooooove.

Here are some pictures.
Here I am snuggling with my Auntie Bailey.
Grandma got me this toy. Its so cool! Here I am playing with my aunties!

Love, Zoe