Sep 16

Hi I’m Zoe!

Hi I'm Zoe! This is my first post. My mommy and daddy picked my up last night. They adopted me from a rescue group.

I'm an 8 week old puggle puppy. That means I'm half pug and half beagle.

I'm still really scared, but I'm sure I'll get used to everything very soon.
This is a picture of me and my daddy.

Daddy and mommy gave me my 1st bath today!
Sep 03

Welcome to Puggle Blog

Welcome to the site that’s dedicated to Puggles ! They are a great new “designer” or “hybrid” breed of dogs. More information can be obtained from the links above. I’ll try to include information about Puggles that I can find over the internet to share with everyone. Of course if you find something of interest, please feel free to email me with the information so that I can include it.